Bake Some Love

On The Mark designed and activated an experiential program for Nestle Toll House cookies in New York City to promote their holiday ad campaign, “Bake Some Love." In conjunction with Stage – ABM and Publicis produced a turn-key program consisting of PR, street team sampling and sponsorship activation at the Macy’s Parade Holiday Week celebration in NYC. 

Over a period of three day, 100 Brand Ambassadors per day distributed samples of cookies in high traffic locations such as transit stations, downtown business centers, sporting venues, tourist stops throughout lower, downtown and midtown Manhattan. Sponsorship activation took place at the Macy’s Balloon Inflation Eve which included custom designed sampling area, warming ovens (cookies), branded staff and distribution of promotional collateral. Over the three days, 155,000 Nestle Toll House cookies were baked , packaged, distributed hand-to-hand. 

On The Mark Services include:

  • Sponsor management
  • Venue management
  • Bakery sourcing
  • Event area activation
  • Transportation
  • Staffing
  • Reporting and post event logistics